2 Multi Million Dollar Guest Blogging and Syndication Strategies You Can Apply Today

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Guest Blogging

Today I am going to talk about guest blogging. Not many people talks about this in the Internet marketing space, it is a very effective technique to drive targeted traffic to your site or blog because you syndicate content and actually borrow someone else authority platform and you are leveraging the power of other blogs.

They are two types of guest blogging

Syndicate Content:

You can syndicate the same content that you have published either in your blog or in article directories by doing this you are showing your content through other sources you can also post this these articles or blog posts to your newsletter or your Ezine.

A well-known and big company does these same model this company enters a market or a vertical that it’s well known. It enters a money making niche and starts implementing this strategy to build a multi million dollar company (like 100 million a year).

For example they start a commodity website were they talk about gold, silver and agricultural stocks and they start inviting experts in their field like Mike Maloney and he talks a lot about silver and why you should buy silver and gold because the US dollar is not a safe currency because the federal reserve (As private as federal express) is printing a lot of dollars and now it is causing inflation.

So they invite Mike Maloney to publish content for newsletter subscribers and Mike Maloney doesn’t have to write the content he has had a lot of content on that topic because he’s an expert and he only syndicates that to the new site newsletter.

Also with this model of syndication of content you can get a lot of joint venture opportunities and get them as an expert panelist delivering regular syndicated content to your blog and newsletter.

It’s a win-win situation for everyone involved in these transactions the expert delivers the content the site owners gets the content and the readers get a lot of great content that they otherwise will not see.

Guest Blogging

The other part of the equation is guest blogging the real guest blogging because you take advantage of social media and Twitter, Facebook, Youtube and other people blogs.

So you send a mail to the blog owner with a piece of content that you want to write about and impresses that blog owner and start writing for them.

I recommend you to write an extensive post and a quality post to that blog.

You can write a 1,000 word article with screenshots and also you can put a video if necessary and send it to the blog owner to review it. Do that for every popular blog in your niche and all the pieces of content you send to these blogs needs to be unique you can’t syndicate all other articles you have made and published.

In guest blogging you are creating a relationship with the blog owner so that you can post regularly and build a audience very fast.

A lot of Internet marketing gurus don’t talk about this technique because it’s not that fancy and they only talk about this like is a secondary tactic.

It is a very good tactic that you can focus on and only on that and you’re going to get Great results

If you go to for example Problogger.net or JohnChow.com and start creating a relationship with them commenting on their blog posts and also sending e-mails to them with new content that you have created especially for them you’re going to make an impact in their minds and they are going to have you present when they need more content.

Bloggers want more content for Google to index and its one more ticket to get the jackpot on the search engines and traffic and money for their business with this traffic they are building their fan base and their list building efforts are getting a lot off of leverage with your blog posts.

Also you are getting a link back from them and also a little bit of traffic to your blog and it’s also a win-win situation because you are benefiting because you are growing your expert status and tapping into Another Authority Platform.

I want you to act now and start applying this two powerful strategies

Apply them now here at List building blogger.

You can do both things here:

Syndicate your existing content to this blog. It needs to be quality content and also if you have an original article you want to post here i will gladly give a link back to your site.

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So thanks for reading.

Talk to you soon.

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Devon Dudeman February 9, 2012 at 2:44 am

how the hell am I the first person to comment on this?

This is a really good piece of work, my friend! An excellent introduction to the principles around guest blogging.

i myself have made thousands from guest blogging. it’s certainly true that not many people know about guest blogging, or even talk about it. But it sure is effective in getting subscribers or sales, and really good at building relationships with others in your niche.

speaking of which, I may give you some of my work for you to post here, and I may ask you for some of your articles as well. great job, and I’ll ttyl.


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