I am going to teach you how to make money online the smart way and since i actually do that for myself every day, you will want to listen to what i have to say.

I have learned a lot and you will want to learn from my mistakes and success but to succeed in this game you will have to get the proper mindset and wavelength of wealth.

I will share with you the essential elements for my success and how to earn your first dollar online.

Once you do this, your perception changes for ever.

Let Me Tell You My Story

I have a degree in graphic design and always I have been a very tech savvy person.

I learned HTML code for making websites and used Photoshop to make some graphics and all that stuff since I was 16 years old and then I studied graphic design and now I have a knowledge that I use mainly in creating brands and websites.

You don’t need this kind of knowledge of technical knowledge. You can always outsource and delegate that part of creating websites and maybe you are better in marketing and driving traffic to your site and all that special ability that you have.

Then after some time I saw this special movie.

I saw a movie named What the Bleep Do We Know. It’s like the movie The Secret, from some of the creators and contributors of The Secret.

This movie What the Bleep Do We Know changed my mind. My mind shifted and I started manifesting. I really believed in the concepts delivered in that movie because the mind is very, very powerful.

It’s the most important thing, your mindset, because you have a perspective in life and that affects your reality and all the things that happen in your current situation.

Since that movie, that was the beginning of a journey of something great.

One day in January 2005 I started this website, a pixel advertising page, and all that started because of Alex Tew’s MillionDollarHomepage.com

This was mas previous website

Alex Tew created a website that the premise of that site was he was going to sell one pixel of advertising and he was going to sell one million pixels at $1 each, $1 million dollars.

As simple as that idea sounds, he made it and he was very famous because of that idea. You can go visit MillionDollarHomepage.com and you can see the concept and all the buzz around that page.

I started  this site and then it was like a clone or a replica of Million Dollar Homepage but I designed the logo and all the colors different from Million Dollar Homepage but it was a start.

It failed but it was a start for this journey that I am going to tell you right now.

Then later on I started the site because my father borrowed me money, like $200 for hosting a domain name.

Of course I told him I will pay him back and I did it.

The site was not going anywhere.

I didn’t know how to drive traffic back then but heard all the buzz and the story behind Alex Tew, first million dollar online, and I got involved in all the ways to drive traffic or making money online and I got introduced into the sales letters of selling information products and all that stuff.

Welcome to the Internet Marketing World

All this was done while studying graphic design and after school I was implementing all these ideas and building an online business.

Destiny wanted me to have a living online and in August 2006 I stumbled on a website about affiliate marketing and all that stuff about Clickbank and AdWords, that you combine Google AdWords and drive traffic to Clickbank offers and direct linking and you gain a comission if someone buys.

I bought a $97 course from Chris McNeeney, an online marketer that is famous because some of his e-books like Affiliate Project X and AdWords Miracle is the course that I bought.

The first experience I had with this I bought AdWords clicks to promote this e-book, the AdWordsMiracle.com and luckily… Well not by luck because I had used the mindset and all the techniques of manifestation and giving thanks, being grateful for all you have and all that stuff, I am aligned with all these abundant mindsets mentality and I earn a commission of $44 from this traffic.

But there was a problem. I bought $97 of clicks and made $44 commissions.

I was happy but I was in debt. I am always an action taker. That’s a characteristic that successful people have.

Then I started researching other methods like buying expired domains, building blogs, AdSense, affiliate marketing with AdWords and all that stuff. I’m sure you can relate to me with all that techniques about EBay and what not.

As I told you, I am an action taker.

I developed some sites like blogs using AdSense and buying expired domains that had traffic and that’s a very good way to develop domains.

Like if you would like to own for example you enter the internet marketing niche and you would like to talk about traffic and all that stuff, you can go to Sedo.com and buy a domain there related to traffic.

But they are auctions about domains related to that topic and that company can get you the domain related to traffic or whatever niche your interest.

Then I was developing, taking action, on different techniques like those I told you recently

In April 2008, I graduated from my degree in graphic design and I started fulltime online.

Well, after a while I sent an application to one corporation and they hired me.

They hired me to make their AdWords campaign and to manage an AdWords portfolio and I accepted and for a while I was managing the AdWords account of that company and all that good stuff.

But in that period of time I was creating my products and developing some projects of my own.

I needed more time for my business because I was in a crucial state of my online business and I decided to quit my AdWords management job because I didn’t liked the rat race.

I don’t like to trade time for money and since I had the security of my online business I decided to go on my own and manage my own AdWords campaigns.

So after that I created and finished the project and I want to tell you this.

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