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Creating a Facebook Page now is crucial for your online business. The recent implementation of the Facebook “Like” button is changing how people interact with content and we see this along many sites on the internet like, Digg, Youtube and many other big sites.

In Graphic design we call this Consistency and i think many big sites on the internet are taking advantage by creating this “Like” standard across many social sharing plataforms.

A few years back Facebook created Pages and people became “Fans” of that page, that belonged to a company, individual or celebrity. Facebook expected a lot of this implementation but they saw little traction and appeal for this “Fan” thing.

Then they Implemented the “Like” button and everything exploded. They also use the “Like” data for their advertisign plataform, for more advertising segmentation information.

In other words, they see what you Like to show their advertisers if you are a good Fit for their products and services.

If you “Like” the Think and Grow Rich Page then more than likely (no pun intended) you are an entrepreneur and advertisers can target you for their solutions.

Clever Huh?

Facebook has many cool features that make List Building go Viral and now you can leverage the power of social media.

When you sign up for a new Facebook account you get an option to invite all your email friends with just the push of a button by importing your email contact lists!

That’s one of the factors that made Facebook so big.

That’s why in one point in time you received an invite from some of your friends to join Facebook. This is Viral List Building.

When somebody helps you build your own subscribers list then that is something you want to look at. But your content should be “shareable”, it needs to be something of value in order for someone to take the time and share it to their friends.

Facebook is valuable isn’t it?

500 million people (and counting) must be rigth.

Seth Godin talks about Standing out ,Tribes and the Idea Virus ,word of mouth marketing that is the most valuable thing for every business, offline or online.

Value is the key here. People want to share value and you must create content that is valuable for your audience not search engines.

If you want to Build your List the “Push Button Simple” way then this is for you. Optin rates will go through the roof with this push button optin lists that go Viral.

If you “Like” a page then this is broadcasted to your public profile and it’s seen by your friends, and some of your friends will join the “Liked” page.

When somebody clicks the “Like” button they become your Fans or subscribers and you can contact them from inside the Facebook Page Dashboard. You can send an Email Broadcast just like in Aweber or iContact but with 100% deliverability because you are sending the message through Facebook. Every Facebook inbox message you receive will also trigger an Email Notification.

Also you can stay in touch with your Fans by posting content to your Page Wall, providing interesting Youtube Videos that you create or find on You Tube. These info get posted on their news feed when they log into Facebook.

TIP: If you have a blog, then you can install a WordPress Plugin that posts every new Blog Post into your Facebook Page and you Syndicate your Blog content Directly to your Subscribers and promote the Facebook Viral List Building Cycle.

So you can now see the Real power of Facebook List Building.

The less resistance people have to join your list the higher Optin rate you will have. The more subscribers you will have to put your marketing message across.

The marketing message will depend a lot of how much money you will make. If you blast an offer every day providing NO value to your email list then you will suffer. If you provide a valuable communication you will create a relationship and people don’t want to be sold.

They want and like to buy from people that know and trust.

Start Creating Your List On Facebook:

Create a Facebook Page

Promote your Page Via Facebook Ads

Focus on the tools that have the more potential to grow your business.

List building is essential and Facebook helps you do that Virally
so you should look into it!

Talk Soon,
Jorge “Viral” & Push Button Simple” Diaz


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Nick Grimshawe February 21, 2011 at 9:32 pm

I’m just getting started with the whole Facebook page thing. I have one up and have learn some of the things you can do to make that page look interesting, like the use of the Welcome Page. Now I need to set up one for list building. Your tips certainly help me figure out what to do.

I read some where that Facebook will soon over take Google as an advertising resource and they have better ways to target their advertising.

It’s all very interesting and exciting.



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